Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Alfred Lessing - January 26, 1993


Alfred  LessingAlfred Lessing recalls his experiences living with other families as a hidden child in the Netherlands during the war. He talks about the last year of the war when he was reunited and lived with his father and brothers.

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  1. Family
  2. Brief Overview of the War
  3. The Underground
  4. The Bear
  5. Picture of Himself/The Bears Head
  6. Ignoring Deportation Orders
  7. Hiding at the Nemeheisen's House
  8. Staying with his Grandfather
  9. Memories of Staying with Other People
  10. His Parents
  11. Staying with a Catholic Woman
  12. Mother Taken into Custody
  13. Leaving the Hospital/Reunited with Father
  14. Daily Life at the Cottage
  15. Begging for Food
  16. Humor
  17. Lone Ranger Outfit
  18. Allied Pilots
  19. War Comes Closer
  20. Canadian Army/Liberation
  21. News of Mother
  22. Jewish Brigade
  23. Reunion with his Father
  24. Reflection on his Experiences

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