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Ruth Kent - August 7, 1984


Ruth Kent was born in Łódź, Poland and lived with her family in the Łódź ghetto until it was liquidated in 1944. The family was then sent to Auschwitz where they were separated and some family members were immediately put to death. Ruth and a sister were sent to Stutthof, a labor camp, where they were later separated. Ruth survived a forced march as the Germans evacuated the camps in the face of the advancing Russian army. She was liberated by the Russians and was reunited with two brothers after the war.

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  1. Family
  2. Family Life Before War
  3. German Invasion of Poland
  4. The Ghetto
  5. Deportation to Auschwitz
  6. Life in Auschwitz
  7. Stutthof
  8. Forced March/Liberation
  9. Returning to Łódź
  10. Reunion with Family
  11. Thoughts on Experience

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