Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Natalie Zamczyk - January 30, 1984

Reflection IV

And I was working on that and somebody came, emergency, some Jewish Kapo came crying. And he went there, and he was...and I looked there, you know, I only looked like this, you know, and he looked at me, you know. He was praising me so much. And I look at him and I look back at work. Next day I came to, next I came to work again and she told me, my friend told me, the Germany lady she said, listen he told me that you are spying here too much. That you looked. So I said, I didn't spy, I only looked at him. Don't look, don't take the eyes in because he's going to throw you out. I said, no, I am not. I came this day to work and then once again something happened, you know, and I didn't mean nothing. And he run and said you--I don't needed your work. You are spying or not, you want to know what is happening. Get out of here and go clean the toilet. I will try to give you work, job. And that was my career, the two or three days I worked. But I never went to cleaning. My husband didn't let me. He always paid for a woman, that's all.

Your brother-in-law that was in the Judenrat, uh.


What happened to him? Did he survive the war or?

He went with my husband as a hostage, as a hostage. And his wife went with the children and false paper also. She survived but she's dead already, she died already. Her children, one, one is in, in London and the other is, son is in California.

Also when you were in....

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