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Natalie Zamczyk - January 30, 1984

Life After Immigration II

So I told, go to the classes, not because you have to learn, but they, they wouldn't think, why you don't come, you know. So he went and once and this time he said I'm not going to this class because the priest said, don't be so dirty like Jews are, you know. Leave it to me. I went to school. This principal of the school he was teaching my--our boys, preparing for school because they didn't go. He was for half a year teaching him, every, I don't know, twice a week I pay him. He was a friend of my husband, he knew my husband. So the principal, so I went to him and I told him, I am your friend and you are my friend, but what is going on here, my son was going to the Catholic classes because he wants to, I didn't wanted make, you know. The priest is teaching that don't be so dirty and don't do like Jew. I said, that's a priest, that's what he teach? After all what we went through, my son has to hear this? He can, this is his country, Poland, he was born here. And my, my, my, family years and year and he has to hear this? And the children, how they... I don't blame so much children, I blame the parents, because those, this is the parents' fault, because those are children, you know. And he said, you're right. And he took the priest, he said you want to come? I said, I don't want to me mix in it, because I, I, I can't be responsible for myself, what I am going to do, you know. So you do. And was better. He make uh, he took all the parents have to came and he talk to him and the priest. The priest said I didn't say something. He said, you said it.


You know. And that's all. It was better, but still, was not good. So I wanted only to mention how they, that after terrible Holocaust there still live, and still lives now, still lives now. That's why I'm doing that because I want, they did in the building. I want the people, they are not coming only Jewish people, they coming people from all over, yeah. So I want them to listen to it, that this is very dangerous, not only for Jews, for everybody else. Because hate is a terrible thing.


Because I don't have hate any more.

Right. I only have a sorrow, that's all.


Thank you. What I can tell you more?

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