Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Natalie Zamczyk - January 30, 1984

Reunion With Son

And I said, where is Morris? He said, Morris is here. And this boy came out and he saw me. He was like this on the, like this standing, he couldn't move. So I went to him. And I took him, I--he didn't talk 'til the next day, he couldn't open his mouth. We only sleep on the floor because there wasn't room. And he hold me so tight all night, he was afraid I was going to move. The next day, you know. I stayed there another day and later we went back to his home. And I told him I'm going back to Krakow. He couldn't believe. He said, oh how I am happy that the German went, but I am unhappy that you are leaving. Because you are to me better than a daughter. How he can say something like this? What you did for me I could never repay...so I went, I clean, I clean the house...I said I am going to put everything in order the house because nobody live in. We stayed there maybe four weeks and I cleaned the houses, everything, you know, and later I had to leave. I was very, very sad. But I said I'm, I'm not going no place, I'm in Krakow, I said. And I went back to Krakow. And I had nothing with me. I haven't got no possessions, nothing, you know. And I was the first Jewish woman with a child in Krakow. You never saw a Jewish child living this time in Krakow, coming back. I was the first Jewish woman coming with a child. And I had some friends. I went to the parents of the, to the judge, to the father. I went there because I had the address. They were happy and I stayed there overnight. And they said that your friend from Warsaw is here, and she told me, when you come back you have to let me know. So this was the friend what had the Jewish child...


...you know. They moved also to Krakow because they couldn't stay in Warsaw. But they went back to Warsaw later, when Warsaw build up. And that's all. I came back home later. My sister--I didn't see Jews at all. But three weeks later I saw Jews coming back, you know. This was for me, was, in everything I was thinking that I will see my husband coming back, and my brother-in-law. But they never came back.

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