Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Natalie Zamczyk - January 30, 1984

Leaving Miendzyrzec Podlaski


So what else. So, that was it, you know. And next day when I came to office, and there was evacuation this night. When, in the morning next day when I came to work, and I look out on the, like here, on the uh, yard there, I saw corpse laying dead, there were Jewish people what they cut. And SS came to my office, Heil Hitler to me, they want to check offices, nobody's hidden here. So I said, I just came, you can do whatever you want, polite to them. When they left I have to sit down on the chair, because I... You know, this was terrible and I knew that this is not. And later I thought to myself that's why maybe those secretaries what they are coming here they can't stand this, because it was terrible. And I said to him, you know, I am not going to stay. And my boss came and he wanted to keep me very much. He was so happy, he was a nice man. He was very nice to the Jewish people what they were working. He was elegant, fine man, but I couldn't stay there. And before I left, I told my husband, we had one, that when I see that it's no good, I have to call him up and tell him I am very sick. So he's going to send right away another friend for me and I go some other place, you know. And that was, on top of that, one day, the last day when I was uh, not, two days before I left I was going on the street for lunch with all the workers mine, we are closing the office. And I saw bunch of people, men coming, and those are men what they catched in Poland, all over in Poland they were catch, Polish men also, for hard work. And I saw the men, and I saw one man going and this bent and looking at me and smiling to me. And I look at him and this was a customer, my customer from Krakow. Imagine. There he was catched, you know. And I thought myself, no, now is the end. I have to call my husband, because I was scared. And I told my boss, and I told my boss that I have to leave because uh, my... I got, yeah, he sent me a telegram, excuse me, he sent me a telegram. I call my husband two days before and he sent me a telegram that here is job, come back. And I show him the telegram. He already has prepared a house for me, and he has maid for me, you know, for, take care of the child. And Jewish furniture, you know. But I, I, I left. He let, he was very sorry, but I left. And I went in a small village by Warsaw. Because there was living another Jewish man who had a girlfriend, she was engaged not to Christian girl, you know, and he was hiding there. He was living normally, you know. Because she was covering him, you know. So we went there. He wanted me to come there. So I came there and after a few days my husband sent my son. You can imagine how happy I was that I had my son with me from ghetto.

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