Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Natalie Zamczyk - January 30, 1984

Jews Executed

Sure, sure.

So they had to be nice to me. So this man--this I will tell you--this man invited me to the supper, I said this was maybe on fourth day there. I said, okay, and uh, before this, we were, we were left early the office, he came and he said to me, before we go to the, before we go to the, to the uh, to my house. I want you to go with me, I want you to see something, you will like it. So I said, where? Oh not far from, to a also a place, a big like market place. I said now, with nobody's there market place? No, no I want to see you something. So I said, okay. So when we approach, we were approaching the, the place, very big place, and I saw the women and children standing. And I look at it, I said, what is it? And I saw Germans. German soldiers with bayonets, you know. I wanted to say this, that they know that something existed like. And I came there closer, I said, what is going on here? So he said, you don't recognize? They are Jews. They're Jewish women and children, they brought them from, they are bringing here from all neighborhood--imagine the place what I choose--they are bringing from all neighborhoods Jewish here and from here they evacuated them. And I saw the women standing there and the children, and lots of children. And they had to stay in even line. When they moved, and the child move, they are shooting. And I saw this. And I said to him, and he was looking. No, it's not nice, I said to him, listen, you want to see that, you can see it. I have nothing with Jews to do in my life. I never knew them, I know them, see them, that's all. I don't know them, but they are people and I can't see, and especially children. What is it, I don't see, you have pleasure, okay, I am going back home. I'm not going to your house. He said, no, no, no, please, no, no, no. You promised, my wife was, was cooking already, please come, come. I start, I can't get out. I said, okay, when you are going right now, I'm going, otherwise I'm going to my house. I had to... I didn't cry like I'm crying now because I couldn't, because I was like a, like a stone, you know. I never expect something like this that I would see. Here I came to, for, you know, surviving, and I came and I didn't know what was that city. You know, I, and he left right away with me.

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