Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Natalie Zamczyk - January 30, 1984

Parents Transported

And I knew that my parents are going to be evacuated. So in the morning I run there. And my mother was already packed and my father and my sister, and my sister was so sure that they are going to be evacuated. Don't worry, I, you, I have to go with my parents because they wouldn't be able to manage themselves. And I was hysterical about it. I don't want to go into details. They were taken away, they were taken away, every ghetto was taken away this time. This was the first, the first. We didn't know where they were taking. This was a hot day this time. First of June but was so hot, never was so hot before. I spent all day on this plac zgody, plac zgody, where the, was the place. And they went away. They took them away and I came back home, it was terrible feeling. It was terrible feeling. We didn't know where they went. And I was going after that to different people, you know, always in such a circumstances they are some bad people what they take advantage on it. They say they know, a week later or two later. I paid them money, I never found nothing out. And later we found out after four weeks there are some concentration camps or some other. But we didn't know that they burned them, you know.


Because they actually took them to, to place where they got rid of them right away, you know. We found out later. Long time later. And after that there were always the same evacuation later. Children. So always when something happened like this I had my maid who was married already and she loved my boy, she raised him. And she was married and she always--I gave my husband call her up outside and she came and I, and my husband took that child outside and she went, she took her to her house, she was living on a farm. And after that she brought him again, you know. And we saw that this is going to, that we are going to perish.

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