Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Natalie Zamczyk - January 30, 1984

Pre-war anti-Semitism II

Oh okay,

You know. But this is a rhyme, you know. So, and she said, and he was tall boy, he was tall, young boy, you know. And she was short, you know, maybe five foot one, you know, five foot one. And she got up, the husband was standing farther, he was afraid that she would recognize him, and she stood up on her toes and she, and she said the phrase and she hit him in his face, you know. And you better, and he was surprised. And he said, when you wouldn't be a woman I would give you back, but you are a woman, and they left, you know. That, that what, I never forget that. Okay. So there was lots of happening like this, you know. But she, she stood up to it, you know. And that poor Jews run, run home.


This was before the war...


A year or something like this before. But otherwise, we felt that it's something coming, but we didn't realize, we didn't realize. We didn't want it, to think about, we didn't want it to think about. But always uh, uh. My husband was saying to his brother, "Why don't you," and to his sister, "why don't you sell the houses, the apartment houses, why don't we go to Israel. Because something is coming." You know, they didn't, no, nothing will happen, nothing will happen.

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