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Cyla Wiener - July 13, 1992


Do you remember, was there a Judenrat in Kraków?



Oh, do I remember, sure I remember. Oh, it was a lot, a lot of time Judenrat in Kraków. They were coming to the apartment and they were taking everything out and somebody has, you know, provisional or material or somebody was hiding something, everything they were taking, they were, and they were beating. Terrible, they were.

This is the Jewish police?

But this...um?

The Jewish police?

Not the Jewish police, the German was doing this.

But was there a Jewish council, a Judenrat?

Judenrat. That's right. Yeah, it was in the beginning, but later on.

It was SS?


Was there a Jewish police?

Jewish police we had in ghetto.

Not till the ghetto?

No. Jewish police were in the ghetto.

Do you remember somebody named Mark Bieberstein?

Oh, Bieberstein, yes, yeah, very nice.

What do you remember about him?

I, I don't remember nothing bad about him. I can't say nothing bad about him. I really mean that, yeah.

Well, he was killed.

He didn't kill nobody. No he didn't kill.

They shot him.

Yeah. That's right. But they didn't... Cyla Wiener - July 13, 1992 - First Changes

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