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Cyla Wiener - July 13, 1992

Deportation to Auschwitz

When they took your brother to Auschwitz...


How did he, how did he get notified?

Well, we couldn't, we only, we only know they toonk him away to Auschwitz, but we couldn't do nothing, we couldn't, we didn't have no...

But they took him to the, to the...

We kept ready for, you know.

Prisoners had to go to the train station.

Prisoner, that's right. But we didn't know even where for later on we found out that they took him to Auschwitz.

But first, he was arrested?

Yeah. We didn't know, you know. And my, a lot of my friends went to Auschwitz. A lady I met later in Auschwitz, you know, they took her to Auschwitz, I didn't know what, we didn't know what was going on in Auschwitz.

Did you ever go when they collected people to the Umschlagplatz?


Did you ever go where the trains stopped and see people getting on the trains?

No. Not on the train. This we didn't see the people. They took away the people. Every few months they were taking people, but people didn't realize where they were going. We thought they were going to another place where they need to live. We didn't realize that they were taking the people to Auschwitz or someplace to kill them. Maybe some people knew, but we didn't know. I didn't know. Really know. They going to a different place. Cyla Wiener - July 13, 1992 - Deportation to Płaszów

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