Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Jack Weinberger - February 6, 1983

Life in Germany

Yeah. [pause] After you were in Auschwitz for the week where--you were taken into Germany you said?

Yeah, then we were taken to Germany, which uh, compared, if I had to compare it to the second camp I was, it was very, very good.


At least uh, in the first camp in Wolfsburg, I was uh, until January 1945. At least they gave us in the morning there uh, we received one coffee, just coffee, black coffee. And then at night they gave us one soup, which was thick soup, it had potatoes. No, just like raw potatoes no peeled or nothing, everything just cut piece like, uh. Was one time I used to work in the, used to call it "Kartofel" ??? where you cut potatoes. We had a machine cutting potatoes was for the German soldiers who was watching us they had to be peeled and cleaned. Same peelings, just like they peeled them up with the dirt and everything but put in for us. This is the fact of life. And uh, then we had to take whole Kartofel, that means "whole potatoes," cut 'em in pieces no washed or nothing. But, at night there was uh, if I had four potatoes and the other guy had uh, three potatoes that means I was the luckier guy because I had one extra potato. And so that kept us going after January 1945. When the Russians approached, the Russian front already was already, I don't know, ten, fifteen miles we even heard at night. Uh, shooting going on at the ti... a lot of people did die in the camp. I never see anybody being killed, nobody was killed in that camp. A lot of beating was going on, a lot of 'em. But nobody was hanged in this camp, nobody was shot. There were a few incidences they were beaten to death. But not, uh...

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