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Jack Weinberger - February 6, 1983


What are your hopes for your children and for their futures? Do you have any...

I hope they have a better future than I do. So far, so far. My daughter's twenty-two, my son is twenty-four. So far they have a better life than I had until I was their age. I had to struggle for everything I have, that's b...the have.

[interruption in interview]

Is there anything else that you would like to uh, to say before we...

Like, like what? Nothing. You ask yourself, are you happy with it, it, uh...

Just anything we haven't covered or anything else that you'd like to add.

Well, it happened, the worse thing was from nineteen uh, was April forty-four to May 1944, was thirteen months. If I would've write a book, everything what happened it would take me twenty years. And it still uh, nobody will believe it in the future. Uh, what happened. Just like going back before, we do believe Jesus Christ was crucified. But nobody will believe what happened to, even, even if you don't have no proof that Jesus Christ was crucified, the only thing, you don't have no pictures. All pictures are manmade. But there was no photograph.


We do have photographs of what happened in Europe, but still you won't believe it. I mean, can you imagine there was proof after the war by Russian doctors, it was proof. They, they opened up graves, pits where the children were not even killed by bullets, just died from suffocation. Do you believe that? It happened. Those are facts not, not fictions. I think one person work, he's also Jewish, he was Munka Tabor just like I said where my father was.


He was uh, hundred miles from other side of Kiev. You know, that's, the Russians were there already, they already close to uh, close to uh, close to Moscow. Russian--I mean, the Germans were there already, close to Moscow. He said one day they went through the village, a normal peaceful village, uh these are non-Jewish people. The Jews were already cleaned out. There are few Jews they survive, they run deep into Russia. Be... Jewish people who are left behind when the Germans came in they were automatically taken to Babi Yar. You heard of Babi Yar?


Okay, I don't have to explain that. Then one day they came back the, when they were retreating, the Germans. The Russians stopped going forward. The entire village, the non-Jewish population, the entire village, houses and livestock were all leveled to the ground. For no reason at all. Those are facts, those are not fictions. In 1941 or in 1942, I can't tell you exactly the year, you heard of Lidice?


You heard of uh, uh, Heydrich?


Okay, he was the first one, he was the superior of Eichmann. Okay, you know that. I remember that there was a little child that woman who lived in our house, her name was ???, I have the address from her. She came in to mother and she cried, she said, "Heydrich was assassinated." That was two or three days before they leveled Lidice. She was crying and my mother said, "why do you cry he's a German, you don't like the Germans either." She said, "that bothers me very much because he's a big Nazi and they will take revenge." True enough, two days later they leveled everybody, everybody alive to the ground. That was the first thing the Germans tried to prove to the world what they can do. After that was already a normal thing, day after day different part of the world. They did it, did it in France, Lyon, you heard of Lyon? Now they have in the headline they're gonna make a big fuss out of him. He should've been put in, into the crocodiles and they should eat him alive, the big Nazi. Not to make, put him and give him doctors attention and big headlines. On top of that they gonna prove he's not healthy enough to stand trial.


There's justice.

Wife: There can never be justice and you know. Doesn't she want to know what happened to you Jack, not what the, uh, uh, uh...

I'm ???.


Wife: ???


Wife: ??? this is, uh...

Yeah. Okay, well thank you. 37

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