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Mark Webber - December 13, 2004


Um, your wife Ruth um, was a child survivor from Auschwitz. Did you tell her your story?

Well, sure. Uh, look I did not hold back, as such, to say. Oh no, when I came to the States was already 1948, so at that time um, it was already a different world. Uh, of course uh, there were survivors that came here in 1946 and um, they were at that time in the newspapers. Uh, some of the Detroit early survivors were written up in the newspapers and they appeared in the media--there was no television uh, to speak of at that time yet. But um, we talked all the time--all the survivors...

And your children--also with them?

We told them about it. But of course, you just uh, incidentally, you picked an incident of this or something of that but again, you, you were just completely absorbed with all the stories that you hear from each of the survivors that has a different account, a different story to tell, that he personally became the expert of--that nobody else could say, "Yes, you're wrong," or "You're imagining it. You're-- you didn't actually uh, uh, see all this here." It's hard for a human mind to actually um, uh, that hasn't seen it to, to sort of digest it, to, to swallow it and to know really. So no matter how many stories you hear, each one has got a different angle, a different thing in there. Now so many are unbelievable stories--most or all of them are unbelievable to a normal human being.

Um, tell me the names of your children and your grandchildren.

Well, well, my oldest one is uh, Shelly and Shelly now has a beautiful girl. She's not married but uh, she wanted to have a child and she had some artificial insemination and now the child is four and a half years old, and they live in Ann Arbor. Um, the next one comes Elaine and Elaine is the only one that we have married and she has four beautiful grandchildren, ages um, uh, fifteen, thirteen, and eight-and-a-half twins and um, and she lives here in Huntington Woods. Uh, the youngest one, Susan uh, is still single, and she lives in uh, Washington, D.C. area--in Arlington, Virginia. She bought a home there, and she's very happy. And um, we have five beautiful grandchildren and this is our treasure.

Um, we have the other interview so I'm um, the rest of the things that we talked about are, are available. So um, this is a good place to stop, at least for today.


Thank you, Mark.

Thank you.

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