Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Wayne - 2005

Poland before the war

And in Poland, do you remember the government in Poland?

Yes. The government was a fine--very fine government. They had a, a pseudo- uh, fascist or, or dictatorship with the, with the General, General Josef Pilsudski,

Pilsudski, yeah.

which was a, a bene--beneficial dictatorship. At the time, I'm--it had nothing to do with--wrong with the government. As a matter of fact, I, I was a soldier in uh, in the Polish army. Well, when I went to uh, to the gymnasium in uh, in Poland, we had to go out, we had to take uh, just like you in high schools, you know, a R.O.T.C. So we had the same thing in the, in, in the gymnasium, that anybody that went to the gymnasium became... They called it ???, like a military uh, officer school.

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