Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Wayne - 2005


And you didn't tell me about the tattoo either.

But that's what, when they sent us to Birkenau, before they sent us to Janina.

But when went through your mind when all of a sudden they start to tattoo you?

Nothing, that's what they do to prisoners, put in numbers, you know. What did I know?

So you didn't think anything...

No, they tattooed, you stand in line and before you go to work they put a, a number, a prison number on you. Me and my brother Jack. Mine's uh, 84, his is 89 or something like that. ??? that I was the number 6480, uh, what is it, if you ask me I wouldn't remember my number, I would have to look at it, you know. And it's right on my hand.

It's Birkenau, right? B...

B...you know. I mean, so, you know, when you talk about ??? we'll have to sit day and night and be able to go. My, my memory is pretty good.

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