Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Wayne - 2005


Did you hear anything about the Russians coming?

Yeah we heard, we heard the, the, the, the artillery.

Yeah. So you knew they were coming.

We knew they were coming. We knew the Americans were coming over in Buchenwald. So what good does it do a day before or two days before the Americans come they put Jews on a, on a transport and tried to, and kill 'em? I myself hid in a sewer for, for a day and a half, you know. And then finally somebody opened up, come on, you can come out, the Americans are here. Did you ever read uh, I didn't know that myself about Buchenwald, a guy has written it, a soldier from Buchenwald?

A prisoner.


A prisoner from Buchenwald?


Yeah. Kojon, his name.

What was it?

Kojon. K-o-j-o-n. It was the first book about...

No, this wasn't a book. This wasn't a book, this was uh, articles like, you know and I got off the computer. If you're interested.

I have a pretty thick collection of stuff.

I know, but this isn't a book.

It's on the Net.

And I, yeah, I uncovered it, you know, by accident and I made copies of it.

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