Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Rose Wagner - August 14, 2002


In Polish? This letter?

No this is German. This is English.

Oh okay. Can I see?

Yeah, this is English, yeah, it's English. This is the ???.

What happened to the property?

Well, it's still there.

[pause] So this is for uh, Wiedergutmachung?

Right, right.

Nineteen fifty-five that you sent this letter.

[pause] And where did this go?


Your father's name was Leib.


Leibish. And your mother's name was Gittel.

Gittel, yeah.

And your sister's name?

Adele. Adele.

So did they send you something?


Did they send you, did they send you money for this?

Oh yeah, Wiedergut...Wiedergutmachung.


Yeah. I am getting Wiedergutmachung.

What about from Messap, did you get anything?

From Messap?


We got the four thousand, four hundred you know.

The one payment.

What everybody got. We got $10,000 from Switzerland.

Ah, good. I mean, good.

They cannot pay it.

No, of course.

There's no way they can pay what, what we lost.

When you were in the DP camp, w...was it a, a good time, a bad time?

The DP, it was, it was good and not good. People were already doing business, you know and, and uh, my sister got married then. And it was--and we could travel. So it was a good time for the young. You know, when you're young you think different. So they, they were not bad times.

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