Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Rose Wagner - August 14, 2002

Knowledge of Family

And what about--how did you find out about the rest of your family? Uncles, aunts, cousins?

We, we, we, we were looking for them.


But we couldn't find anybody.

Of course.

No, first you go to the Jewish...

The Joint.

Joint right? Everybody, a lot of people were there sitting and crying. You know, maybe you saw my brother, maybe you saw my mother, you know? So. Everybody, whoever came to Łódź went to the Joint. and registered in case if somebody is going to come they're going to look for you. And we kept coming there everyday. But no, no success. Didn't...

Did you have any idea what had happened?

Of course I did. Of course we did. Just, just ???. We lost everything. I knew my parents are gone. So to some people, you know, I give to other people they were looking for their parents.

So only you and your sisters managed to survive.

From the whole family. I had a cousin, I had cousin--I have a couple cousins in, in Israel.

Also survived.

Yeah. But my sisters quite sick, I have to go to Israel, I don't know maybe in October we're going to go.

Where in Germany were you?

I was in Germany Zeilsheim. Zeilsheim near Frankfurt?

Mm-hm. Okay. South, right?


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