Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Rose Wagner - August 14, 2002

Reaction to Liberation

What did you think when you saw the Russians? I mean, was it, were you happy, were you...

We were happy. Anybody we were happy, it didn't matter. So we, we caught a woman that was in charge of our camp in, in, in Halbstadt and we almost killed her.


No, she wasn't a prisoner, she was a German woman...


that she was watching us.


She was very mean, the SS, And we were hitting her, we wanted to kill her. The first day you can do, the first couple days you can do anything. But then the police stopped, you, you can't. So we walked to houses, we were going to houses just demolishing things.

German houses.


Did the Russians hang people?

No, no.

They didn't shoot anybody or hang anybody?

No, no, this, this, no, no.

They didn't hang any Germans.

This we didn't see.

Okay. Um, you didn't stay in the same barracks, did you, or...Did you move out right away and go into...

No, we stayed in the same barracks.

Same barracks.

Stayed in the same building.

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