Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Rose Wagner - August 14, 2002

Transport to Halbstadt


you see? They, they, they were fighting already in, in England, what, whatever you know. So uh, so one day I remember they had a selection and they were looking for work. So there was a long line of people. And I always--I don't know why, I always run in the back. So I had a piece of bread--we get, every day we got a little piece of bread--and I said to my sister, you take that bread, in case if they're going to take you, not me, I want you to have the bread. But somehow, they stopped. They had enough. So what, the next day I had to go. So they shipped me to, to Czechoslovakia from Auschwitz.

By train yeah.


Same sort of train?



We went to work in Theresienstadt we work--not Theresienstadt, in, in Halbstadt.

But you were not far from Theresienstadt?

No, I, I don't think so, Theresienstadt, no.

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