Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Rose Wagner - August 14, 2002


The following is an interview with Mrs. Rose Wagner at her home in West Bloomfield, Michigan on August 14, 2002. The interviewer is Sidney Bolkosky.

Could you tell me your name please and where...

[interruption in interview]

You know, my sister, I was very close with my sister. See, my sister finished five years of school and then she went to the gymnasium.

S...she was younger than you?

She's older than me.


Yeah, she's older than me, so.

But you didn't get a chance to go to...

She was more educated than me.

Would you have gone if the Germans hadn't come?

Yeah, oh yeah, for sure. You know, you had to pay.


To go to the gymnasium in, at those times you had to pay, not here like high school, you know. Gymnasium was high school.

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