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Miriam Troostwyk - May 28, 1998 and June 3, 1999

Meeting Husband

And how did you meet um, your husband, at this time?

Yeah, I was seventeen and I wanted to go and--in an office to work. I want to earn my own money. So I said, well, my English, I made ...til in high school, the highest I can get. So I had all my uh, exams ???. In German, I had it too; in Dutch, I had it too. The mathematic, Alge...Algebra and...


And ??? uh, I don't know how you say it with that uh, I skipped it. I said, "I don't..."


Yeah. It's too much uh, and what can I do later with it? And, leave me alone, I want to do my uh, languages and uh, because I want to earn money. I didn't want that my brother-in-law pay such a lot for me.


And I didn't want that they say, ...You see, you have to learn. We do our best and, and what are you doing?" I didn't want to hear that. I thought, I'm going to look after myself. Good. And um, then I--so I was still the highest grade in that school, but I did all the exams for my um, languages and for ??? how do you say that, geometry?

Geometry, uh-huh.

And um, um, some history um, um, not about Holland, about kings from uh,--let's say from uh, the 14th or 15th Century until then, but...

Renaissance stuff, yeah.

more from the world...


the history, that uh, you got in the high school. And that was better for me, because the youngest started already in the fourth--fifth grade from the public school, which I didn't have. And everybody knew that, I thought, okay, that's fine. I will do the other thing. Um, "So where are you going to work?" they said. "What are you doing?" I said, "Well, I want to go to a school where I can learn typing, because I'm very good in my uh, and I feel very secure in my um, um, languages. And uh, I want to learn uh, stenography." How do you say that here?

Stenography, uh-huh.

Yes, in English, in German and in, in uh, Dutch. And uh, typing and um, handle correspondence, trade correspondence in English and in German...


and Dutch. And I want to work in an office. So in the Jewish News, I saw that they were asking on, on--at Israeli Consulate in Amsterdam, somebody to learn the whole office, how you do it, from the beginning.

Someone who knows Dutch?


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