Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Miriam Troostwyk - May 28, 1998 and June 3, 1999

Health Problems

You mean her, her limbs?

Yeah. There was--this was not--and, and we made a joke about it, the children, we did this and then it goes so and Rosa was laughing because we were all used to it...

So her...

When people look like that, you are used to it.

So her muscles had atrophied, is that what you're saying?

Yeah, uh-huh. And that was with my brother-in-law too. He didn't have the strength to walk anymore and uncle, he had the same, uh, was an older uh, man and he had the same. And I was with my--for my toe still here uh, with uh, from a doctor, he wrapped everything, because I had a ??? uh, what was it? It start as a bump, a--uh, like when you eat um, strawberries and you are allergic for it, so you get something that scratches.

Like a hive?

And then it went open, it hurt terrible.


And then you got a hole, a hole in your uh, skin and your...


Holes like this.

Scabies, is that what it's called?

Yeah, that is what--and I had it from my toes ...til here.

And that's from a vitamin deficiency?


Uh-huh. So everyone was weak.

Yeah. But Eddie didn't have it. We--I had the same to eat, so one is affected and the other is not.

No ???.

And I remember I had two formed in bumps on my knee. And I, I--it was terrible. I, I couldn't walk.

You said a doctor wrapped your leg.


What--the Vandenbergs called a doctor?

They had to go with me first to a doctor and...

They took you there?


So you went out.

Yes. And the boss uh, he went with me. That was the first time. That was in that Hunger Winter. He was shocked when he saw it and he came to us to wrap it.


Dr. Harrch uh, he was a very nice man, very quiet, didn't tell anything.

Sounds to me like the whole town knew you were there?

Yeah, it was very dangerous. Because in the street--that is what I heard a year ago, there are more, more people hiding, which we didn't know.


And they all were uh, from--that somebody knew it and they said it to the SS and they were all...

They were taken away.

Taken away. So...

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