Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Miriam Troostwyk - May 28, 1998 and June 3, 1999

Hiding Jewelry

You also told me that um, your father put jewelry into his...

Yeah, that was not my father, but that, that was already later, because...

It was later. But into the shaving brush...

after my father passed away, it get rougher every month. That was--we had an uh, the brush.

You said it was a shaving brush?

Yes, but, a big brush.


A shaving brush and I think in the--here in some shoes.

Shoes, uh-huh.

They put um, a diamond ring or uh, um, this kind of things.

Well, let me ask you a different kind of question about this. Does, does your husband use a shaving brush?

My, my husband--in the beginning, when we were married, he had such a thing, yes.

And when you see a shaving brush, do you think of the jewelry and you--do you wonder if there's any...


diamonds in his shaving brush?


You don't have any memory...

I don't have a trauma from that.

No, I don't mean a trauma, but...


you don't have an association back to...


that, that time.

No. But I think I lot of people did this kind of thing...


it was not...

Sure, especially the lining the coats.

something very uh, special.

Okay, now, off you go to Friesland?

??? my sister and my brother-in-law uh, because they had bad luck that they couldn't go was that we survived, because alone with my mother, I couldn't do anything.

Nothing, uh-huh.

My mother was not uh, how do you say--capable to do all these things.

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