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Lola Taubman - December 22, 2009

Importance of Sharing Story

Do you think it's important to do--to talk about it?

Yes, yes.


Because you never know when it can happen again. There are too many anti-Semites, too many. You know, I, I was so surprised to hear that Ann Arbor was established by German-Jews--by Germans, not Jews, Germans. And uh, most of the people that are there are of German descent. So they are trying to be kind to me, but I wonder what they think. They, they feel sorry for me that I went through that. And woman gave me a book yesterday uh, it's about a French, French woman who survived the war.

Daughter: Oh, the, uh...

I should read it, yeah.

Daughter: ...the, the novel that was discovered after--it was a French woman. It was just recently out in the paperback in the last year or so. It's something called something Français.

Oh, um...

Daughter: I can't remember.

You know, there's a woman...

I wish I'd read it.

Daughter: I have it sitting on my night stand waiting to read.

She'll show you the book. You asked whether I'm going to school. You have no idea all the things that are happening at Glacier Hills. We have people who travel, because they're retired faculty members, and they show us not just maps, but we had a, a gentleman showed us all Afghanistan from years back, about the times and uh, we have concerts, we have lectures, we are very well informed. And uh, people--even the people who live there, they talk. And, and they--I don't belong to a uh, reading group. But they read too fast. They, they uh, discuss the, the subject. But I try to participate in whatever I can.

Daughter: They, they did interview her for the, sort of, internal newspaper and it was sort of like a Cliff Notes version of her life. But they--she was inundated with people who were then...

Started to ask questions.

Daughter: Yeah.

Actually, my son is a violinist and a number of years he performed there.

Daughter: Oh, yeah?

Um, he's on the faculty at the U of M School of Music.

Daughter: In Ann Arbor?

In Ann Arbor. So he performed a concert there.

Daughter: What's his name?

Gabe Bolkosky.

The retired head of the library and his wife joined us--do you know anybody?

Don't know anybody.

So they're librarians, they're doctors, they're attorneys and little by little they go to assisted living but they get to old--not, not that they are too old, but they have problems.

Yeah, no, we went, it was a very attractive place, very engaging I thought. And they filled the house.

Daughter: Yeah, they're very much into music and culture...

Yeah, yeah.

Daughter: ...so I think it's been a great boon for my mother to have that in her life.

Music, we get music two or three times a week. And they come uh, not just students, but graduates. And the professor who taught my oldest daughter music he came--what's his name? Uh, not ???. It doesn't matter, he's still teaching.

Daughter: I don't know if...

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