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Lola Taubman - December 22, 2009

Meeting Husband

Yeah. Well, how did you meet your husband?

Uh, I worked at Adler Schnee, you know the place. And uh, the Taubman family were builders. They were building homes for themselves also. So I met his parents and Al Taubman before I met him. He was the last one from the family that I met, because they came and, and we furnished their homes. And uh, my father-in-law built a factory--a small factory for my husband. And uh, uh, so that was the last thing. He came to get furniture for, for his office. So he came to Adler Schnee and that's where I met him.


Uh, I met him at uh, uh, he asked me for a date for New Year's Eve. I said, "I'm busy."

Daughter: Well he--the real details are that he met her in September and took her phone number. Then, you know, saw her several times for the office stuff. But called her the day of New Year's Eve to get her--to ask her out of a date and they were married a few months later. She turned him down for the date, and they were married by the end of March.

Well, that was very smart.

And when we went to a party to his sister's house, they were celebrating the parent's uh, anniversary. And uh, we decided we should get married, so we decided we're engaged.

And how many children do you have?



Six. Two each but not mixed sexes. Ruthie has two boys and the uh, Richard has two girls and Alisa in California has two girls. And uh, Richard's daughter is the oldest. She's twenty-three and one is twenty-one here in school. And uh, then comes Ruthie's children and then comes Alisa's children.

And do your children know your story? Obviously you...

Well the children do, but the grandchildren don't. The older grandchildren know some it, not all of it.

Daughter: And of the three kids, I think probably just from this kind of thing I, I probably know more details. My brother always was a little bit less...

He didn't want to know too much about it.

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