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Lola Taubman - December 22, 2009

Help from Jewish Organizations

Let me ask you a different kind of question. Um, I have no hopes for this tape. Actually the other one's working.

You know, when I lived in the rabbis, you know, the temple was beautiful. It was a Reform temple. They had an organ.



They had an organ?

Yeah, because it was a reform temple. [long pause] Uh, you know, the temple was just, just a few blocks from where Eisenhower was. He had his headquarters there and it was IG Farben building.

Oh really?


I have a...

He lived there.

There it is. [pause]

Yes. You have a picture of it.


Eisenhower was there were and he had a Jewish rabbi and a judge that advised him about the conditions. So I met, I met the, I met the uh, judge and his wife. They came to the Israeli consulate. And that was when uh, uh, the Aliyah Bet was caught and brought back to, to Hamburg and then they were taken to Cyprus. So when all this happen we told the judge's wife to call Hadassah in New York and ship and within days we got truckloads of clothing for these people and among them were my cousins. They ended up in Cyprus.

Daughter: Wild stories, huh?

Yeah, and...

The rabbi actually is from Rochester, New York.

Daughter: Really?


Yeah. His name if Bernstein.

What is it?


Bernstein. That's the person I met. Their name is Bernstein. And they, they called and sent telegraphs and you cannot imagine how many--how much clothing came and in such good condition. So this, I was on Friedrichstrasses where the temple was, and this Friedrichstrasse ended at the IG Farben.

Yeah, I've been there. Um...

??? you know, the rabbi's, the rabbi's--it was a two stories. So one story was HIAS, one story was uh, the Jewish Agency and uh, uh, they had several stories dormitories. They had uh, uh, Yeshiva buchers, but they were reformed. I have one picture that I brought from--that was all that was left in the rabbi's house. The Germans cleared it all out.

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