Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Zofia Szostak - 1985

Polish Government

Maybe he didn't know that there was, there was organization, you know, in Poland, of, or, you know, spe...specially to, to organized Jewish people, they gave them documents, and uh, uh, they got money uh, some from, from people who still had some money in Poland. And some money was shipped uh, shipped, you know, by paratroopers, you know, they, they from, from the West, you know, but they, they were sent by, by, through Polish government, you know, and channeled later to, to ghetto. And what our government was really on uh, beggar's bread, so to speak, you know, in London; what could they have done, really? You know, there were other people, our people also--now you see, this is how it works bad, here I am already saying, "our people," "your people," you know. So, they were all our people, you know, and they were all people who were, who were persecuted, you know. How we--you know, in fact there were two ghettos, you know, there was one Jewish ghetto, in fact, this is what's happened, you know, one Jewish ghetto, and then there was a Polish ghetto. Because if you, if you divide society, you know, in two parts, so okay, well, you know, we couldn't have done much either. We are being arrested, you know, and we are being shipped to camps also, you know, and then so many people were executed too, you know, we lost lots of people too, and we were being terrorized. Now there is also one thing, how--you know, officially uh, you know, anybody looking Jewish could not exist among our people, I mean, having Polish papers, and moving on a street. Because unless you looked uh, very much like, like Polish person, and didn't look like, like Jew, because we look different, you know?

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