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Helen Stransky - January 31, 2008


And then came along my relatives after this. My--in, in the course of getting that property back we discovered family we never knew existed and that was how I found out about my Orthodox relatives that live in Australia and they've had us over the last two years for Shavuot which is lovely. And we get along fine. My, my uh, cousin that says, "Put your beliefs on a low profile." She doesn't want to be--doesn't want her husband alienated from her. She says, she says she was inclined to go that way but to be with her husband she had to go through a conversion. I mean, she, she wasn't non-Jewish but maybe in her beliefs and she almost came but she didn't--she promised to, to, you know, that was the condition of their getting married was uh, you know, so okay, but we get along very well.


So, all I can say is that after all these years, you know, I've had--it's been a good life.

Looks like it.


Thank you very much.


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