Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Helen Stransky - January 31, 2008

Learning about the Holocaust

Have you been to Yad Vashem?


Of course.

Of course.

What do you think of it to have such a museum? Well, there are museums all over the world now...

Yeah, I was also--my friend took me to the one in--where was it? It's in the United States but I'm trying to remember where...

Washington maybe?



And I went through that with her. Um, and I've also been through this and I felt sorry for my parents but uh, and I did--when I was in Los Angeles I took a course on converting from Judaism--Christianity to Judaism not because I was looking to marry somebody but because I wanted to know what my parents believed. I couldn't understand being killed because I was a Jew. I mean, I couldn't understand it. I mean, we weren't any different from everybody else and uh, you know, why?

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