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Malka Sternberg - January 31, 2008


Freud wrote about it.


Freud wrote about it.

What? Shellshock?

Yes, he did. He was a physician in the First World War.

He wrote about it? He realized what it was?

Yeah. One of his...

That's fantastic.

...colleagues would take these men with shellshock and push them again into the, into the front...

Yes, sure they did.

...and Freud said, "You can't do that, they're suffering from a very serious problem." And uh, I don't know if he called it shellshock but that's what he was describing. That's, I think, one of the first times...

That's amazing. I didn't know that he had an idea of that as well.


At that time nobody knew about it or connected it with that.

Well, he thought it was damage to the unconscious.


Um, well, I want to thank you very much for your time and for your story.

I hope I didn't make you too bored, you know.

No, no don't worry about that.

I was so long, long winded in it.

You're very articulate and fascinating.

And my English isn't so good anymore. Not what it used to be.

It's better than ours, so...

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