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Malka Sternberg - January 31, 2008

Joining a Kibbutz

So you were here during the War of Independence?

Oh yes, yes and I joined Lavi. You know what Lavi--Kibbutz Lavi? It's called the English kibbutz here--a religious English kibbutz. I say there's someplace that um, which is forever England. Someplace on this Earth which is forever England and that's Lavi. It's meant to be one of these, these people who died in, in Turkey was the name of a place in the First World War. In Turkey--Churchill was in charge of it.


Gallipoli. And for there was one for the people in Gallipoli who died. There's someplace on Earth they're all buried there where it is forever England and they say that about Lavi. They speak English and the younger generation don't know English but the older ones speak it.

So that's where you went?

I went and I spent seven years there and afterwards I married him from ??? and I stayed there--we stayed there.

And you have children.

We didn't have children. That's the tragedy of our life.

But you said you had a nephew.

A nephew? Oh yes.

You had talked about a nephew.

Yes, nephews we have got lots of them but all our childrens--cousins children call themselves nephews of ours so it was a big family--it was a clan again. But that's the reason why we left. We didn't want to stay there without children.

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