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Malka Sternberg - January 31, 2008

Relationship with Sister-in-law

And these two little rooms we were sleeping and my aunt kept carpets there so we used the carpets to cover ourselves because it was so cold. I had a little gas lamp for cooking, that was the only thing that heated there, but that's life. Don't remember a thing, not to the--and we're on very good terms today. And my sister-in-law who I phone every few da...every--at least once a week we talk on the phone--the widow. She was completely crushed. We didn't think she'd survive. On the funeral of my brother I said, "Dig, dig another grave next to it because she'll be out in a day." So when the children heard that they took her out of the hospital and put into a better hospital and rented a room in the hospital and they stayed there--the three of them took turns going to sleep. They stayed there until she was over. It took twenty five operations but today she is fine except for she is very unhappy because it was a wonderful marriage. It was a marriage like from a dream.

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