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Malka Sternberg - January 31, 2008

London Bombings

Do you remember the bombings?


Do you remember the bombings?

But in--where we were evacuated there were no bombings.

There were no bombings.

No, it was all right in Dawlish it didn't--later on there was, it was near Plymouth--they got bombings but by that time we were out because when the bombings stopped we went back to London and then they started again--the big Blitz. After the Big Blitz started so we went--evacuated to Oxford. Again three families in a house and everything was nice. We were friends, it was fun, fun and games for us. It was not so much fun and games for the grown ups because they had to take care of us. Somebody had to--was taking care of us and the rest was standing each family for their own, for their own children, for their own--we were the fifth wheel to the ca...ca...cart. And so we were placed from one place to the other. I think I went to twelve schools in England but we managed to survive all right, thank God. I was partly in London in the Blitz. I remember the bombings--the la...later bombings--the doodlebugs and the bombings--the actual bombings. But when the V-1 and the V-2 we called the doodlebugs. V-1...

Is that what they were called?

We called them the doodlebugs, yes. The V-1 then the V-2. They didn't know what it was then came without no, no plane, no warning. It just came. There was in Brixton a place that got it worse. Brixton was south of London and they could reach London but they couldn't get to the north further so they get--so all the bombings came on us but thank God we survived...

[interruption in interview]

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