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Baruch Spergel - February 4, 2008


ZF: I don't...

I, I...

ZF: I don't think it's changed in Austria.

We...no, it hasn't changed as much in Austria.

ZF: Yeah.

A number of years ago I wrote a curriculum for um, high school students...

ZF: Yeah.

...and we corresponded with some German historians here...

ZF: Yeah.

...and they-some of them have adopted using some of that material. But tha...it's pretty-it's, it's, it's mandated. You have to tea...every student has to learn about the Holocaust.

ZF: Now?

Yeah, in Germany.

ZF: That's very good. I think they should know.

Oh, absolutely. Well, is there anything you'd like to add to this?

ZF: No, I hope-I don't know. I hope I've added something. I don't know.

You have, you certainly have.

ZF: That's why I asked you this question what you wanted to know because memories of things or facts I don't have much of-I don't have much of that but what I do have is the feelings and the, the uh, what it did to me more or less that I'm conscious of today and wasn't conscious of 20 years ago. And the variety of experiences that each child had are very different, I find. Depends on how and what and so forth of those that I've met so far. Anyway...

I think you're a very social person.

ZF: Thank you but I'm not. It's not true. It's just that when I find somebody that I can... ?? ?? ?? ??

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