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Baruch Spergel - February 4, 2008

Visiting Germany

ZF: Hmm?

You reacted the same way?

ZF: Yes, I didn't want to go to Germany for many, many, many years. And uh, it gives me the creeps every time I go there but I do go there because we have friends who've, who've been here and are German so if it's somebody you know, you know. Somebody you don't know, when you find out that...

You wonder.

ZF: You wonder, yes, you wonder. No, it's even little things. I remember we um, ??? my husband had a job with uh, there were agents for all kinds of companies also from Germany and from England and from all other kind, all other kinds of places but a lot from Germany and um, he would go to Germany to ??? to, to the affairs that they have there or-and um, I would sometimes go along with him when the kids were grown up, of course afterwards. And uh, I remember we did-also, we were also tourists there. We went along a road called ??? Strasse. It's, it's, it's a-from the south to the north of Germany. It's a certain place that-these are old towns, very old towns, very picturesque, very beautiful and in every little town like that you had a Judenstrasse. I mean, it was no longer called the Judenstrasse but everyone could show you the Judenstrasse and um, I-they had all these beer cellars and I remember going down to the beer cellar one day. I said, "I want to see what it looks like." And we went down-it was in one of these little towns. I mean, this is already years and years after the war and you will see them drinking and, and, and, and, and they're all drunk and they're all red and they're sort of fighting sometimes and I said, "I have to get out of here. I can't stand it." It seems too-and, I mean, I didn't experience any of this but it's, it's sort of a feeling it could have been me in any of these places so I said I want to get out of here.

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