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Baruch Spergel - February 4, 2008

Fate of Family

So, so it was a family affair.

ZF: No, I me...no. I don't think, I don't think she could've brought the children-my aunt could've brought all these children to, to England without Winton. I mean, there was a um, they, they had a uh, permit to bring 10,000-approximately 10,000 children to England.

The Kinder...

ZF: And since there was a list you had to have sponsors. You had to find a sponsor and Winton worked both in England and in Czechoslovakia. We met-I mean, I never met him-none of the ki...children knew Winton at all. They never met him. He never met the children. Well, what he found was sponsors in England and he did all his homework there. I don't know how to, how to handle the Germans and so forth...

How, how many...

ZF: ...and they were our sponsors, yeah?

How many of your family do you think survived the war?

ZF: Look, here is another picture that I'll show you. Here, you see this is, this is in Dawlish. The first year we came to England we were in a big house all of us together. This is my brother-this is Baruch, this is Malka Sternberg...


ZF: ...whom you met.


ZF: This is her brother-her little brother who was-you still-who recently...

He died.

ZF: ...died, yeah. That's me and these are brother and sister of one of these-one of the brothers of this clan-one of um, Avrum's clan. There are some more as well. Yeah, but I want them-I need them back. So, that's...

That's Malka.

ZF: There was some, there was some more survivors as well. There was some more cousins as well but their parents came.

How many do you think survived the war from all this? How many didn't?

ZF: Well, of the brothers-the seven brothers-you are talking about the older generation or the children generation?

Well the whole, the whole clan.

ZF: The whole clan, well, the brothers who, who was killed, one.

BS: Yes, ???

ZF: What was his name? Carmen.

BS: Carmen, Carmen.

ZF: Yes. The brothers survived. One went to-was in Russia somewhere. Um, two of them came to uh, two of them came to England-Moritz and, uh...

BS: Yeah.

ZF: And, uh...

BS: One was in Russia-well, in Si...Siberia...

ZF: Siberia.

BS: ...worked in a coal mine.

ZF: And uh, who came to there? And Herman went to-came, came to Palestine and my uncle-other uncle, they went to the United States. Only one was killed from the brothers.


ZF: But they were all over, you know, everyone and the children came separately from the parents. Some of the parents were in one place and the children in another place and they met up like what happened with-in our case.

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