Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Baruch Spergel - February 4, 2008

Being Sent to England II

ZF: So, it was sort of uh, how shall I say it? After that there was no way to, to have any opinion, to have any choice at all. You were just taken like a parcel from place to place and uh, that's it. You asked about how it worked for me; I was very different from him. He was living an adventure. I was the small child at home. I was spoiled, I was attached to my mother's, you know, apron springs and suddenly I was sent into the big world all by myself. I have hardly any memories of the trip to England. Just passing down and going onto a boat that, that-I knew that I went on a boat. Until we reached London and there in a big place like a, like a cinema or something they called out the names of children and who had come to fetch them. And uh, I have absolutely no memory of the whole thing and it's the sort of thing I've developed over the years to push away everything, everything unpleasant, you know, to just forget it and now I forget everything. At my age it's a-that's a very bad habit. That's uh, that's a problem. But that is uh, all this I only found out I think twenty or thirty five years ago when my children said to me that, "You have to go to-and to ???" which is uh, you and my, my husband-he's also a survivor but didn't go to England, he was in France and um, we just saw ourselves as just normal human beings. We didn't-we weren't aware of being so different in our feelings, in our-in they way we behave. We only found out about it afterwards.

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