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Irene Sobel - September 8, 1998

Being Remarried

You've remarried.

Yes, I have. I was single for five years, second times around. We're not--wait a minute--seventeen, eighteen years, seventeen years married.

And he is?

Howard is a physician, a very caring man. Naomi in her memoirs described, and he's a mensch. Uh, in many ways he and I are very different people. But we have enough of a common interest and values that we appreciate each other.

And does he know about your life before?

No. In general terms. That I lived in--was born in Poland, that I lived in this and that uh, that I went through the war. But I've never discussed with him how I feel. I think that in the process of writing this book now, maybe a little. He read the first uh, the first draft...

Of the book.

...of the book. But it doesn't talk much about my childhood, it talks more about my life with Naomi. It just goes back to some flashes.

Maybe he'll listen to the tape.

Uh, did he? I don't remember if he listened to the tape from the Shoah. I really am not sure.

Ah, you did a Spielberg tape.

Uh, I mean to the Spielberg tape. I don't remember if he did or if he didn't. But I don't feel like talking to my husband about that. He's not a person to whom I feel like talking about. He's a wonderful guy, but some things uh, I don't uh, really have a need to discuss with him. Or do I believe that he would really understand. He would be offended if he would hear it. You should erase it off the tape.

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