Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Regina Silver - June 21, 1982

Relocating to Russia

Can you describe what the Russians did to you, what they, why they...

When the Russians took, took us to Russia and sent us away and on Friday night they organized all people who didn't accept the Russian passports to send them away to prisoners of camp and camp prisoners like we were against Russia. Do you understand? Because we didn't want to accept citizen, Russian citizen because we said we Polish citizen, if we would have said Russian citizen they would send our men away from fighting und we didn't want to be uh, uh, a Russian citizen we were a Polish citizen and want to stay Polish citizen so they sent us away like we were against Russia--send us away--and that was the miracle we survived.

Can you describe the camp you were sent to?

I was sent to um, uh, Lager was, they was uh, iron mines. My husband was working in the iron mines we were living in a barrack und they count us every night we weren't allowed to go anywhere else just to be in this uh, area where we were sent. Und uh, there they, there we live maybe, till the Russians start to fight with the Germans, till the war broke out Germans and the Russians start the, the war then we, Polish citizen, got free. But the Polish General his name was uh, General Sikorski what uh, he uh, got killed in an airplane crash, I don't know if you know the history, they think, they think it was the English--England killed him.

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