Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Regina Silver - June 21, 1982

Pre-War Anti-Semitism

Did you encounter anti-Semitism before the war?

Oh yeah.

Go ahead--can you describe it?

Yeah, I remember once in my little town uh, you know when the, when the war broke out, they, they was uh, make us, make us run away from Poland to the Russian side because the, the Polacks were banging all day and all night, they throw stones at our house and they wanted to kill my father. It was the, the week when the war broke out in Poland and the Germans and Poles were just a, just exist a week und then the police and everybody run away it was like uh, without uh, without law and they just knew my father wasn't a poor man and they all night they come in and they want to grab my father and kill him. That what made us run away from right over the brook over the water to go to the Russian side and not to stay with the Germans.

Over the river?

It was a lot, like a--not river--5 kilometers from the border we were living. It was like uh, called a Bug at that time it was like a river, a ???, you know a river, a water divided like a big river but divided uh, like you know, it's uh, called the Bug. Was uh, this side the river was like the um, the ??? this side the river was Poland but the Polish, the Poles took it to this side and the Russians was over the river so if you run away in the Russian side.

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