Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Regina Silver - June 21, 1982

Life After the War

Mm-hm. Do you have nightmares?


Does your past ever interfere with your life today?

I don't think so.

What are your feelings about discussing your experiences?

What is the uh, uh to talk now about experiences? It's over und I hope uh, it's uh, never times like this. I wish my children and my own grandchildren shouldn't live through this, this agony from the war like we did, und, what else can I say?

What are your hopes and plans for the future?

Oh uh, to be healthy to have nachas for my kids, see my child...my children happy uh, that's it--what can I ask? Thanks God, we are free. Now we don't have to struggle to, to survive uh, thanks God my husband make a living und I have, I have what I want--living comfortably, go on vacations, what else, I just enjoy life and be healthy as much as I can.

Are you a Canadian citizen?

Oh Yeah.

What does Canada mean to you?

Canada? It's a nice country and I live, I live very good in Canada.

What does Israel mean to you?

Israel is a Jewish country and Israel is the pride from the Jewish people and we should be at peace there and people in Israel should live in peace und we, that's all we want that's uh, Jews all over the world uh, they need a Jewish state and need a Jewish country we wonder uh, plenty all over the world now we could keep our heads high that we got the Jewish country we not we not uh, could live everywhere but we know Israel is our country.

Is your son married your oldest son?

Oh yes got two children.

How many grandchildren do you have altogether?


You have six grandchildren right now.


And maybe Tammy will get married.

Tammy get married I hope so--I'm expecting more.

I think this would be a good spot to end this, okay. Is there anything else you wanted to say?

What can I say for example what do you want me to say?

No I just felt, if there was something you wanted on the tape that I wanted to give you a chance before I turn it off, I don't know--you're beaming right now.

I don't know to tell you the truth I'm not uh, such a good speaker. I want to see everybody happy I want to see uh, uh, should be peace in this world nobody should live through wars anymore like uh, we do and I hope my children wouldn't experience this bad times that we have in our lives und the second be fortunate enough to survive that's true many, many millions didn't, didn't live to see our world und like we lived to see a, a state of Israel so I think we could, could say we fortunate enough to come to this free country, this free continent. Not to even uh, like uh, even saw a lot of Jews in Russia now days they struggle they don't live a life like we do. That's all, what can I say? Should be peace in the world that's all--no killings, no, no wars, everybody should have what they want what we wish for.

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