Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Regina Silver - June 21, 1982


When they first uh, when the war was first um, started between Poland and Germany is that when you were allowed to go free?

Yeah, oh yeah when the, the war broke out between uh, Russia and Germany they let the Polish citizens free. Cause...




They want them to go on the, on the front to fight against the...

Did a lot of the Jewish men go on the front?

Oh yeah, a lot went in the Polish Army, they, they formed the Polish army.

The Pol...yeah.

A lot went away to, a lot went away to Ir..., to Iran they went to the Polish army and they went to Israel a lot smuggled into Israel a lot of children went to Israel like, like orphans, orphans went away to Israel then from Russia.

I had a question and it went out of my mind. [long pause] I asked her--um, I'm sorry I had a question in my mind and I can't remember what it was.

So maybe you will remind yourself.

Did you live in a ghetto-type thing in, in uh, Turkestan? Did the Jews stay together?

In Turkestan?

Did they, did they form their own community?

No, no it wasn't anything like a ghetto-type.

They just lived in amongst all the other people?

Yeah, yeah.

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