Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Regina Silver - June 21, 1982

News Regarding the War

Were you aware of what was going on in Poland?

We--there came to um, uh, ideas that uh, they killing the Jewish people was somebody got a letter from Israel and they say that the Jews should say Kaddish for the Polish Jewry because they killing everybody and some people would say what do you mean they killing everybody that this was Russian propaganda and they didn't want to believe it.

Did you believe it?

Not quite. No, but eve...nobody would believe it that they were gonna make uh, everybody put them in the gas chambers or killing um, everybody. We thought the killing uh, was of all people falling from, from bombs from the, from the uh, but uh, massen like uh, murders like, like the Germans did kill uh, nobody would believe it. No, nobody.

Does any particular experience stand out in your mind, in your memory?

What do you mean experience?

Something that happened in one camp--let's say, let's start with this camp, anything particular that happened in this one camp that you remember out of the usual?

What I can remember when the war uh, ended uh, like uh, they let us go free we ran away from there we went to Tashkent.

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