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Regina Silver - June 21, 1982


The following is an interview with Regina Silver at 30935 Perry's Crossing, Farmington Hills, Michigan, June 21, 1982. The interviewer is Charlene Green. You understand this interview will be used for educational purposes and public use. Confidenti...confidentiality on any part is permissible. I will be asking you questions on your pre-war background, your life during the war and your liberation and your attitudes. Do you understand this?


Okay. Will you please state your name and where you were born.

I'm born in Poland in a little town uh, is called Sarnaki on the, uh...

Give me your name.

Uh, Regina Zilberstejn.

Could you spell it for me?


Try that again, and go slower.


Very good. Okay. And now what is your name?

Now is my name Silver, Regina Silver, S-i-l-v-e-r.

Okay. Now can you tell me where you were born?

Born In Poland.

And the town?


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