Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Sara Silow - August 8, 1993


Let me ask you a few more questions about the war, okay? And then--do, do you sometimes have--see the ghetto in your mind? The bridges--remember the bridges in Łódź, in Łódź ghetto?

I remember very well everything, sure. Charley was lately in Łódź.

I know.

When he went to Russia. He went to Łódź and to Warsaw.

Weren't there bridges built across the ghetto--two parts in the ghetto?

Yeah, yeah.

Did you go from one to the other? Did you use those bridges?

No. You supposed not to go. Only to stay in the ghetto--they closed the ghetto. They say, "This and this streets belong to the, to the ghetto where you have to be. No place else."

Strictly in the Baluty district?


Anything else that you remember about it?

The Łódź ghetto?

Yeah, that comes back to you, you a, a lot?

No, no. Too bad memories, bad memories from the Łódź ghetto.

Are there things that, that you see during the day that make you think of something in the Łódź ghetto or something in the war?


No? But, is it on your mind, nevertheless?

The Łódź ghetto? No.

The war, nothing?

No. Only I'm thinking about my family, not for the Łódź ghetto. On my mind only is the, the, the family. They were too precious to me. We were a very close family.

When, when Charley was younger, did you talk to him about it?

He always are asking questions, always.

And did you tell him everything?

Everything, yeah. Let him know, yeah.

Your husband, too?

My husband was in Russia. He was suffering, too, but not like me.

And did he tell Charley his story, too?

Charley asked him how it in Russia was. He wanted to know everything, yeah.

But you haven't talked about it a lot, have you?

About what?

You haven't talked about it very much.

Lately, no. He is so busy, busy, busy.

In St. Louis, did you have other survivor friends?

Sure. Lots of them.

And did you ever talk to each other about these things?

Always, always. Always, we talk about this. But lots of people are dying--so, so many of them. Always when we are together we are talking about everything, yeah.

Hmm. Well, what do you think about doing this?

About what?

About doing this?

What do you mean?

About giving an interview.

Charley told me this--I said, "Charley, this will raise only my blood pressure." Before you came, I take a blood pressure pill.

Sorry. Well...

But he said, "This will be for generations and generations. You have to do this." I said, "Okay, Charley, I will listen to you, I will do this." But I said, "No more."

Okay. Anything else you want to say? Do you want to add something to the tape?

Nothing. Just I suffer--I will suffer 'til I die. This is what I can say. I'm unhappy. Nothing makes me happy, nothing.

Well, thank you.

You are welcome.

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