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Sara Silow - August 8, 1993

Fate of Family

Your sister, the one uh, who was married and had a child before, when were they taken away?

Maybe the same day, maybe next day. Who knows?

But they were taken from Łódź?

That's--because she was with a ba... little girl they took her right away with her.

To the gas...

To the oven, yeah.

And your brother-in-law? You don't know what happened to him?

I don't know. Maybe he survived, maybe not. How I know? I was writing all over to find no...nobody. I am the only survivor.

What cousins? No cousins?

Nobody survived. Nobody, nobody.

And you had five aunts and uncles from your mother's side?

From my mother's side she got three sisters and two brothers.

And what about your father?

She had, had brothers there in Belgium. This because I was writing to Belgium and so many letters, finally, one letter they received and I, I went to Belgium and I met over there my husband. And Charley was born in Belgium, yeah.

So, some of your uncles survived.

Yeah, but are not alive now. They were living in Belgium.

So, they survived the war?

Before the--before, yeah.

And your father did he have brothers and sisters?

My father's--who knows. Everybody is gone.

But he did, but he did have brothers and sisters?

My, my father doesn't got brothers. He got two sisters. One was living in Łódź and one was living in another city.

And they were, they were also killed?

Nobody survived.


They got children and grandchildren.

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