Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Martin Shlanger - March 4, 1983


Well, you said that you went to Budapest?


What made you decide to go to Budapest?

Well, there was too much anti-Semitism in my hometown. I couldn't take it. And I was able to acquire a job in Budapest, so I left my hometown and moved to Budapest.

Did you need papers to move?

At that time um, Jews could move freely. Not until 1944, March 1944, when the German Armies marched in that travel for Jews was restricted.

What were you doing in Budapest? What kind of work did you do?

Working in a factory as a laborer.

Did anyone else from your family go with you?

No, I was the only one. My brother, by that time, was in the Soviet Union. He left in 1939 and came back in 1945.

He left for the same reason you did, anti-Semitism?


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