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Martin Shlanger - March 4, 1983


Another reunion with your brother then after ten years?

After fifteen years, another reunion. And then the second time I went back, in 1970, I think it was '70 or '71, uh, I went to a trial to the city of Trier. I had a lawsuit with the German government for compensation for the injuries I suffered in the concentration camp.

Were they trying to reduce the amount?

Yes, yes. In 1963, I was recognized for 80 percent disability, then in 1969, it was reduced to 50 percent and I appealed.

Did you win?

I did win, yes. I did win and I made an error, I should have uh, sued the German government for 100 percent disability but in the appeal I demanded that I should be restored for 80 percent. Therefore, they agreed to give me back 80 percent.

There have been changes in your life in that period, hadn't there? You were reclassified in a way is what you told me?

Yes, I was reclassified. Well, originally I was classified 80 percent then it was reduced to 50 percent and I appealed. And it was restored to 80 percent.

Based on your, uh...

Yes, and I was reclassified because by that time, I had a BA and I was considered not as an office helper but an office manager or something in that order, so uh, my pension was higher than the previous 80 percent.

You had gone to Wayne, University of Detroit?

I um, had some college background for many years since the 1950s. And in 1962, pardon me, '72, I went back to school to get a bachelors degree. I was at Oakland University for two years. And then I transferred to Wayne State and I got my masters at Wayne State.

In, in what field?


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